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Uneven skin tone? Justine has the solution
NEW Luminessence® Even Tone Serum
and improve overall skin tone in 7 days.

Buy the NEW Luminessence® Even Tone Serum for only R339
and get the Night Cream FREE.

  • NEW Luminessence® Even Tone Serum, 30ml. Code 4726. Regular Price R420.
  • NEW Luminessence® Even Tone Night Cream, 50ml. Code 4727. Regular Price R390.
Luminessence® Even Tone Night Cream clinically proven to even out skin tone
and increase skin firmness after 7 days. Contains 10 unique botanical extracts.

All 3 for R369. Save R259. Order offer on Code 9324.

  • Cantare Cosmetic Bag. Code 0557. Regular Price R80. Faux snakeskin bag with polyester lining and zip closure. 20cm L x 12cm H. Only 2 700 available.
  • Cantare Perfumed Body Cream, 200ml. Regular Price R123.
  • Cantare Eau de Parfum, 50ml. Code 4490. Regular Price R425.


All 3 for R369. Save R329. Order offer on Code 9313. Total value R698.

  • Tabasheer Vanity Bag. Code 0556. Regular Price R150. Dark blue microfibre bag
    with gold-coloured PVC straps and trim detail. 28.5cm L x 19.5cm H x 10cm W.
    Only 8 000 available.
  • Tabasheer Perfumed Body Cream, 200ml. Code 4270. Regular Price R123.
  • Tabasheer Eau de Parfum Spray, 50ml. Code 4486. Regular Price R425.

NEW Zahara Desert Rose Enchanting Moments Collection.
Code 6344. Regular Price R504.
Only R259. Save R245. Limited Edition.

  • Zahara Desert Rose Eau de Parfum, 50ml
  • Zahara Desert Rose Parfum Body Spray, 100ml.


All 3 for R315. SAVE R309. Order offer on Code 9107.

  • Zahara Cosmetic Bag Cream. Code 0560. Regular Price R120. Gold and black bag
    with black lining. Features a decorative tassel zip puller.
    20cm L x 14cm H x 8cm W. Only 3 500 available.
  • Zahara Eau de Parfum, 50ml. Code 3935. Regular Price R425.
  • Zahara Parfum Body Spray, 100ml. Code 5478. Regular Price R79.


  • ColourCare Nail Enamel, 10ml. Regular Price R125 each. Only R89 each. Save R36.
    • Code 4811 Burgundy Pink
    • Code 4813 Strawberry Pink
    • Code 4814 Mauve Pink.
  • Colour Studio Nail File. Code 0666. Regular Price R49. Only 5 000 available.


NEW Bella Alluring Beauty Collection. Code 6262. Regular Price R550.
OVER 50% OFF. Only R259. Save R291. Limited Edition.

  • Bella Eau de Parfum 50ml
  • Bella Foaming Shower Mousse 100ml.

Blue Zero Eau de Toilette Spray, 100ml. Code 4432.
Regular Price R425. Only R269. Save R156.


Azalta™ Essential Men's Collection. Code 6345. Regular Price R600.
Only R369. Save R231.OVER 35% OFF. Limited Edition.

  • Azalta™ Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Deodorant 50ml
  • Azalta Deodorant Spray 225ml
  • Azalta™ Eau de Toilette 100ml.

Buy 1 get 1 free.
Red Extreme Cologne Spray, 100ml. Code 4400. Regular Price R425.
Only R399. Save R451. Total value R850.


All 4 for R399. Save R472. Order offer on Code 9228.

  • Carpe Diem Aftershave Balm, 50ml. Code 6268. Regular Price R230.
  • Carpe Diem Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Deodorant, 50ml. Code 5700. Regular Price R66.
  • Carpe Diem Cologne, 100ml. Code 4430. Regular Price R425.
  • Carpe Diem Men's Toiletry Bag. Code 0559. Regular Price R150. Only 6 500 available. Two-tone polyester bag with PVC bottom. 22cm L x 14cm H x 14cm W.

All 3for R229. Save R231. Order offer on Code 9101.

  • SOLD OUT Vanity Bag.
  • Tissue Oil, 60ml. Code 4626. Regular Price R120.
  • Tissue Oil Nourishing Body Protector, 150ml. Code 4638. Regular Price R205.
  • Tissue Oil Skin Repair Face Cream SPF 20, 30ml. Code 4637. Regular Price R125.

3 steps to a BALANCED SKIN
Balancing Collection. Code 6316. Regular Price R560. Only R279. Save R281.
Balancing Foaming Cleanser 150ml
Balancing Toning Lotion 200ml
Balancing Day Cream SPF 15 50ml


3 steps to a BRIGHTER SKIN
Perfecting Collection. Code 6361. Regular Price R560. Only R279. Save R281.
Perfecting Gel Cleanser 150ml
Perfecting Toning Lotion 200ml
Perfecting Day Cream SPF 25 50ml.

Get the Timeless Beauty Ladies' Watch FREE when you purchase
both the FortiGrain™ Day Cream
and the FortiGrain™ Revitalising Solution for R450.
Order offer on Code 9185. Save R240.

  • Timeless Beauty Ladies' Watch. Code 0549. Regular Price 220. Elegant watch with alloy case and white polyurethane leather strap. The semi-transparent face features silver hands. Face: 4cm diameter Strap: 17.5cm.
    Only 7 500 available. Limited edition.
  • FortiGrain™ Day Cream, 50ml. Code 4664. Regular Price R390.
  • FortiGrain Revitalising Solution, 15ml. Code 4662 Regular Price R300.


NEW Bermuda Weekender. Code 0660. Regular Price R460*.
Only 10 000 available.

Cream-coloured canvas with navy blue and red PVC trims.
Features an inner zipper pocket. Closes with a zip. Trendy red lining.
45.5cm L x 30cm H x 14cm W.
*Excluded from offer.


  • Pure Youth Face Forward Day Cream SPF 15, 100ml. Code 4782. Regular Price R200.
  • Pure Youth Clean Act Foaming Cleanser, 150ml. Code 4780. Regular Price R130.
  • Pure Youth Get Fresh Toning Lotion, 200ml. Code 4781. Regular Price R130.

Spend R220 on skincare products across pages 25 to 39 and
receive a stylish pair of Bermuda Sunglasses free.
Bermuda Sunglasses*. Code 0663. Regular Price R160. Only 38 000.
*Excluded from offer.


Targeted EYE WRINKLE TREATMENT. An advanced serum that targets fine lines
and wrinkles in the delicate eye area.
CLINICALLY PROVEN to improve skin smoothness and reduce the appearance of
wrinkles in the eye area after 7 days.

NEW A-Firm Restore Anti-Ageing Eye Serum, 15ml. Code 4652.
Regular Price R275. Only R175. SAVE R100.

  • A-Firm Time Reversal Anti-ageing Day Cream SPF 25, 50ml. Code 4601.
    Regular Price R450. Only R250. Save R200.
  • A-Firm Time Reversal Anti-ageing Night Cream, 50ml. Code 4602.
    Regular Price R450. Only R250. Save R200.
  • Buy the A-Firm Intensive Face and Neck Collagen Serum for only R380 and get
    the Transform® Body Bust-Lifting Serum FREE. Total value R790.
    • A-Firm Intensive Face and Neck Collagen Serum, 30ml. Code 4580.
      Regular Price R470.
    • Transform® Body Bust-Lifting Serum, 150ml. Code 4756. Regular Price R320.

  • Hydrobalance Moisture Surge Gel, 50ml. Code 4524. Regular Price R220.
    Only R145. Save R75.
  • Hydrobalance Continuous Moisture Release Cream, 50ml. Code 4608.
    Regular Price R390. Only R220. Save R170.
  • Hydrobalance Extreme Serum, 30ml. Code 4525. R390.
  • FortiGrain™ Cleansing Oil, 120ml. Code 4663. Regular Price R215.
    Only R125. Save R90.
  • FortiGraln™ Night Cream, 50ml. Code 4665. Regular Price R390.
    Only R229. SAVE R161.

  • Detox Treatment Cream 50ml. Code 4755. Regular Price R310.
    Only R118. Save R192.
  • Spot-Free Treatment, 20ml. Code 4668. Regular Price R150. Only R99. SAVE R51.
  • All 3 for R249. Save R381. Order offer on Code 9123.
    • Cleanse ‘n Go Make-up Remover, Cleanser, Toner, 200ml. Code 3518.
      Regular Price R190.
    • Special Treatment Cream Plus, 50ml. Code 4603. Regular Price R310.
    • Basic Care Comforting Eye Gel, 10ml. Code 4589. Regular Price R130.

Daily Skincare Cleansers. Regular Price R160. Only R89 each. Save R71.

  • Perfecting Gel Cleanser, 150ml. Code 4708.
  • Hydrating Cream Cleanser, 150ml. Code 4700.
  • Balancing Foaming Cleanser, 150ml. Code 4712.
  • Mattifying Clay Cleanser, 150ml. Code 4704.
  • Soothing Cream Cleanser, 150ml. Code 4751.

Daily Skincare Night Creams, Regular Price R245 each. Only R125 each. Save R120.

  • Perfecting Night Cream, 50ml. Code 4711.
  • Hydrating Night Cream, 50ml. Code 4703.
  • Balancing Night Cream, 50ml. Code 4715.
  • Mattifying Night Cream, 50ml. Code 4707.
  • Soothing Night Cream, 50ml. Code 4754.

  • Skin Management for Men Triple-Action Foaming Face Wash, 150ml.
    Code 4411. Regular Price R150. Only R75. Save R75.
  • Skin Management for Men Foaming Shave Gel, 150ml. Code 4409.
    Regular Price R110. Only R55. Save R55.
  • Skin Management for Men Soothing Moisture Balm SPF 15, 50ml.
    Code 4408. Regular Price R225. Only R115. Save R110.
  • Skin Management for Men Hydrating Lip Balm SPF 15. Code 4439.
    Regular Price R100. Only R49. Save R51.
  • NEW Skin Management for Men Soothing Post-Shave Gel, 50ml.
    Code 4776. Regular Price R150. Only R99. Save R51.

  • Both for R99. Save R171. Order offer on Code 9182.
    • Oil Control Spot Clearing Gel, 20ml. Code 4548. Regular Price R110.
    • Oil Control Matte Effect Cream, 50ml. Code 4543. Regular Price R160.
  • Oil Control Clarifying Toner, 200ml. Code 4546. Regular Price R115.
    Only R60. Save R55.
  • Oil Control Cleansing Bar, 125g. Code 4545. R75.
    Oil Control Anti-blemish Facial Scrub, 150ml. Code 4544. R125.
  • Oil Control Deep Cleansing Face Wash, 150ml. Code 4542. R110.
  • Oil Control Daily Moisturiser SPF 30, 100ml. Code 4655. R220.
  • Oil Control Daily Moisturiser 100ml. Code 4547. Regular Price R180.
    Only R105. Save R75.
  • Oil Control 2-in-1 Clay Cleanser & Mask, 150ml. Code 4777. Regular Price R140.
    Only R89. Save R51.

  • SolarTec Skincare Age Defence for Face SPF 30, 75ml. Code 4761.
    Regular Price R240. Special Price R149. Save R91.
  • SolarTec Skincare Active Sun Protection Spray SPF 50, 150ml. Code 0745.
    Regular Price R230. Only R149. Save R81.
  • SolarTec Skincare Lip Shield SPF 25, 4g. Code 4760. Regular Price R98.
    Only R49. Save R49.
  • ALL 3 FOR R249. Save R321. Order offer on Code 9345.
    • SolarTec Skincare Body Lotion SPF 40, 125ml. Code 0747.
      Regular Price R230.
    • SolarTec Kids Face and Body Cream SPF 50, 75ml. Code 4767.
      Regular Price R230.
    • SolarTec Kids Roller Ball for Body SPF 30, 75ml. Code 4765.
      Regular Price R110.

  • Tissue Oil Stretch Mark Cream, 150ml. Code 4610. Regular Price R205.
    Only R120. Save R85.
  • Tissue Oil SPF 25, 100ml. Code 4618. Regular Price R220.
    Only R120. Save R100.
  • Tissue Oil Softening Body Butter, 200ml. Code 4617. Regular Price R205.
    Only R129. Save R76.
  • Both for R179. Save R106. Order offer on Code 9335.
    • Tissue Oil Conditioning Hair Treatment Spray, 250ml. Code 4632.
      Regular Price R145.
    • Tissue Oil Treatment Hair Mask, 200ml. Code 4612.
      Regular Price R140.

  • Target scars and stretch marks with the concentrated massaging action of
    Justine’s unique roller-ball applicator.
    • Tissue Oil Roller, 50ml. Code 4695. Regular Price R220. Only R129.
      Only 16 000 available.
  • NEW giftable packaging.
    • Tissue Oil Cleansing Bar, 150g. Code 0697. Regular Price R98. Only R49.
      Only 60 000 available.
  • Tissue Oil Body Indulgence Duo. Code 6349. Regular Price R220.
    Only R129. Save R91. Only 14 000 available. Limited edition.
    • Tissue Oil Nourishing Body Protector, 75ml.
    • Tissue Oil Nourishing Body Wash, 75ml.

Buy the Tissue Oil Baby Botanicals Baby Oil for R145 and get
the Tissue Oil Baby Botanicals Baby Wash & Shampoo FREE.
Total value R290.

  • Tissue Oil Baby Botanicals Baby Oil, 125ml. Code 4682.
    Regular Price R145.
  • Tissue Oil Baby Botanicals Baby Wash & Shampoo, 200ml. Code 4681. Regular Price R145.

  • Tub Club Bubbalicious 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, 200ml. Code 6236
    Regular Price R65. Only R45. Save R20.
  • Ruff 'n Tuff Hair & Body Wash, 200ml. Code 6234. Regular Price R65.
    Only R45. Save R20.
  • Ruff 'n Tuff Fixit! Hair Gel, 75ml. Code 6233. Regular Price R55. Only R35. Save R20.
  • Only R45 each.
    • Dream Star Pink Kisses Body Wash, 200ml. Code 6237. Regular Price R65.
    • Dream Star Pink Kisses Shimmering Body Lotion, 200ml. Code 6238.
      Regular Price R65.
  • NEW Dream Star 3-in-1 Toiletry Bag. Code 0647. Regular Price R180.
    Only R129. Save R51. Nylon with lining
    • Vanity Bag: 26.5cm L x 18.5cm H x 10.5cm W
    • Toiletry Bag: 18.5cm L x 13.5cm W
    • Cosmetic Pouch: 16.5cm L x 10cm H.

Justine Mashari™ for him Eau de Toilette, 100ml. Code 5731.
Regular Price R425. Only R249. Save R176.

Justine Mashari™ for her Eau de Parfum, 50ml. Code 5505.
Regular Price R425. Only R249. Save R176.

  • Ruby Sky Eau de Parfum, 50ml. Code 5500. Regular Price R425.
    Only R249. Save R176.
  • Tabasheer Eau de Parfum Purse Spray, 15ml. Code 6337. Regular Price R127.
    Only R79. Save R48.
  • Wisteria Eau de Parfum Purse Spray, 15ml. Code 6338. Regular Price R127.
    Only R79. Save R48.

  • Wisteria Pure Enchantment Collection. Code 6332. Regular Price R487.
    Only R259. Save R228. 45% off.
    • Wisteria Eau de Parfum, 50ml.
    • Wisteria Perfumed Body Cream, 100ml
  • All 3 for R299. Save R271. Order offer on Code 9346.
    • Pretty in Pastel Eau de Parfum 50ml. Code 5501. Regular Price R425.
    • Pretty in Pastel Parfum Body Spray, 100ml. Code 5481. Regular Price R79.
    • Pretty in in Pastel Anti-Perspirant Roll-on Deodorant, 50ml. Code 5461.
      Regular Price 66.

Bella Body Butter, 100ml. Code 6212.
Regular Price R120. Only R69. Save R51.

Zahara Body Butter, 100ml. Code 6211.
Regular Price R120. Only R69. Save R51.

Tabasheer Luxury Shower Crème, 150ml.
Code 5502. Regular Price R120. Only R69.

  • Carpe Diem Hair & Body Wash. 200ml.
    Code 5736. Regular Price R98.
    Only R59. Save R39.
  • Red Extreme Hair & Body Wash. 200ml.
    Code 5739. Regular Price R98. Only R59.
    Save R39
  • Icon Man Black Enigma Shower Gel, 200ml. Code 4435 Regular Price R98.
    Special Price R49. Save R49.
  • Icon Man Spray Deodorant, 225 ml. Code 5725. Regular Price R103. Only R59.
    Save R44.
  • Icon Man Eau de Toilette Spray, 100ml, in a Tin. Code 3048. Regular Price R425.
    Only R210. Save R215.
  • Encryption Eau de Toilette Spray, 100ml. Code 4440. Regular Price R425.
    Only R210. Save R215.

LUXE Couture Crème Lipliner. Regular Price R149 each Only R99 each. Save R50.

BUY LUXE Cosmetic Bag and Seduction Mascara for only R199, Save R139, and
receive your choice of LUXE Couture Crème Lipstick FREE. Total value R507.

  • LUXE Cosmetic Bag. Code 0664. Regular Price R159. Gold-coloured polyurethane bag with wave pattern. 19.5 cm L x 6.5 cm H x 4.5 cm W.
    Only 5 000 available.
  • LUXE Seduction Mascara, 7ml. Code 6923. Regular Price R179.
  • LUXE Couture Crème Lipstick SPF 15 Regular Price R169 each.

LUXE Temptation Powder Blush, 8g.
Regular Price R269 each. Only R199 each. Save R70.

LUXE Silken Compact Pressed Powder, 10g.
Regular Price R239 each. Only R169 each. SAVE R70.

LUXE Cashmere Eyeshadow, 9g.
Regular Price R299 each.
Only R215 each. Save R84.

LUXE Liquid Eyeliner. Black.
Code 6920. Regular Price R179.
Only R125. Save R54.

MoistureSurge Plumping Lipstick, 5g. Regular Price R135. Only R69. Save R66.

MoistureSurge Plumping Lipstick SPF 15, Regular Price R135 each.
Only R69 each. Save R66.

ForeverFlawless Anti-Ageing Foundation SPF 15, 30 ml.
Regular Price R255 each. Only R145 each. Save R110.

SheerVelvet BB Cream SPF 15, 12ml. Regular Price R99 each.
Only R69 each. Save R30.

  • Tissue Oil Lip Tint, 4g. Regular Price R130 each. Only 59 each. Save R71.
  • Tissue Oil Cuticle Treatment, 12ml. Code 4628. Regular Price R135.
    Only R59. Save R76.
  • NailCare ManiPower Nail Strengthener, 12ml. Code 4808.
    Regular Price R135. Only R79. Save 56.
  • CrackleEffects Nail Top Coat, 12ml. Code 4800. Regular Price R130.
    Only R69. Save R61.

Tissue Oil Moisturising Bath Salts* only R35 when you buy
any product or offer across pages 68 to 75 in the November brochure.
Save R125.
*Excluded from offer.

  • Tissue Oil Moisturising Bath Salts, 300g. Code 6216. Regular Price R160.
  • Elements of Nature Cranberry & Pomegranate Hand Wash, 250ml. Code 3419. Regular Price R100. Only R49. Save R51.
  • Elements of Nature Cranberry & Pomegranate Body Polish, 200ml. Code 3444. Regular Price R110. Only R55. Save R55.
  • Elements of Nature Mulberry & Blackcurrant Body Polish, 200ml. Code 3448.
    Regular Price R110. Only R55. SAVE R55.

  • Body Balance Aloe Refreshing Body Wash, 400ml. Code 3344.
    Regular Price R85. Only R45. Save R40.
  • Body Balance Softening Liquid Body Talc, 150ml. Code 3398.
    Regular Price R85. Only R39. Save R46.
  • Body Balance Even Tone Roll-on Deodorant, 50ml. Code 6003.
    Regular Price R50. Only R32. Save R18.

  • Pedi Perfect™ Deodorising Foot Soak, 250g. Code 3374. Regular Price R95.
    Only R72. Save R23.
  • Pedi Perfect™ Callus-Softening Foot Cream, 100ml. Code 3381. Regular Price R105.
    Only R59. Save R46.
  • Pedi Perfect™ Softening Paraffin Foot Mask, 75ml. Code 3372. Regular Price R105.
    Only R55. Save R50.
  • All 3 for R189. Save R166. Order offer on Code 9157.
    • Pedi Perfect™ Micro-Smooth Foot Dermabrasion, 100ml. Code 3370.
      Regular Price R105.
    • Pedi Perfect™ Pedicure Kit. Code 0505. Regular Price R140. Contains Nail file,
      Cuticle knife, V-blade cuticle trimmer, Nail clipper. Only 2 000 available.
    • Pedi Perfect™ Plus Intensive Foot Moisturising Cream 75ml. Code 5960.
      Regular Price R110.

  • NEW Honey Herbal Kiss Of Honey Nourishing Bath Soaps, 5 x 50g. Code 6367.
    Regular Price R125. Only R95. Save R30. Limited Edition. Only 3 000 available.
  • Honey Herbal Festive Hand Cream Cracker. Code 3741. Regular Price R110.
    Only R49. Save R61. Contents Honey Herbal Hand Treatment Cream, 50ml.
  • NEW Honey Herbal Body Luxuries Collection. Code 6331. Regular Price R280.
    Only R179. Save R101. Limited Edition. Only 5 000 available. TOTAL VALUE R280
    • Honey Herbal Velvet Bath Nectar, 200ml
    • Honey Herbal Luxurious Body Cream, 200ml.

  • Both for R110. Save R96. Regular Price R103 each. Order offer on Code 9177.
    • Carpe Diem Riche Spray Deodorant, 225 ml. Code 5721.
    • Esteem Spray Deodorant, 225 ml. Code 5723.
  • Both for R89. Save R69. Regular Price R79 each. Order offer on Code 9212.
    • Cantare Parfum Body Spray, 100ml.
    • Tabasheer Gold Parfum Body Spray, 100ml.
  • Ladies' Anti-perspirant Roll-on Deodorant, 50ml. Regular Price R66 each.
    Only R25 each. Save R41.

  • Encryption Eau de Toilette, 50ml. Code 6194. Regular Price R269.
    Only R129. Save R140.
  • Encryption Spray Deodorant, 225 ml. Code 4442. Regular Price R103.
    Only R59 each. Save R44.
  • Men's Anti-perspirant Roll-on Deodorant, 50ml. Regular Price R66 each.
    Only R25 each. Save R41.

  • Only R59 each. Save up to R26.
    • Body Balance For Men Refreshing 2-in-1 Body Wash, 400ml. Code 3480.
      Regular Price R85.
    • Body Balance For Men Hydrating Body Lotion, 400ml. Code 3481.
      Regular Price R75.
  • Only R19 each. Save up to R36.
    • Body Balance Hydrating Hand Cream, 50ml. Code 3356. Regular Price R55.
    • Body Balance Original Hygienic Hand Sanitiser, 50ml. Code 3360.
      Regular Price R35.
    • Body Balance Original Moisturising Lip Balm SPF 15. Code 3357.
      Regular Price R40.

All 3 for R135. Save R130. Order offer on Code 9162

  • Body Balance Vanity Bag. Code 0555. Regular Price R150. Only 22 000 available
    Microfibre and PVC bag lined in silk feel fabric. Features a top handle for easy
    carrying and a circular zip. 20cm Lx 15cm H x 14cm W
  • Body Balance Softening Body Wash, 250ml. Code 3353. Regular Price R55.
  • Body Balance Nourishing Body Lotion, 250ml. Code 3352. Regular Price R60.

Both for R69. Save R76.
Order offer on Code 9100.

  • Tabasheer Anti-perspirant Roll-on Deodorant, 50ml. Code 5453. Regular Price R66.
  • Tabasheer Parfum Body Spray, 100ml.
    Code 5473. Regular Price R79.

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