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Welcome to Mary's Justine Website from where you can always get the latest information on all Justine's products. Justine is one of the most favoured
high tech cosmetic and skincare products available in South Africa. It is tailored for a woman's most desired requirements.

Justine Availability World Wide :
Due to international demand from ex South Africans familiar with the product and also due to demand from clients in South Africa, having preference for
counter-to-counter delivery, all Justine products are now available to you at almost any place in the World. Simply e-mail Mary by clicking on
Mary below to open your e-mail programme for typing and sending of your message for details on prices as well as cost of mailing to
your nearest Post Office

Justine Skincare is a brand of its own
Justine, the tried and trusted legend, has over the past 4 decades introduced many new and exciting
products. Many of these products have been so successful that additional complimentary products have
been created, with the result that distinct brands, such as Daily Skincare, have been developed. In order
to simplify our customers experience of the Justine Brand as a whole, there will be a move away from the
out-dated and often confusing classification of Essential and Intensive Care to well-defined brand
classification where specific skin conditions, such as ageing (A-Firm), pigmentation and
radiance (Luminessence) and moisturisation and hydration (Hydro-Balance) will also be addressed.

Justine Price List and General Information :

For details on price and mailing, product information, as well as news on fantastic monthly specials,
you can e-mail me by clicking on my name below. I also publish a monthly email newsletter containing.
news about new products and the specials available for the month. Let me know if you wish to
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Postage counter to counter for as little as R60.00 up to 1 kg in South Africa Order NOW! right from the comfort of your home or office,
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